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EK 2024



Since EURO 2020 we are helping the KNVB out with content creation during the biggest tournaments. For this edition: The EURO 2024 we collaborated with the KNVB to handle the arrival photography, the squad announcement, the introduction of the new anthem with Chef'Special, photography and social content throughout the tournament.

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As the Dutch national football team, we started this project years ago, and since then, more and more national teams have followed our example. This year, we again took the most iconic photos in the forests of Zeist. These photos are eagerly shared by the players, creating millions of views for the KNVB and its players.


Introducing the selection announcement film: This is always an important moment in the Netherlands. We have developed a concept for this to introduce the Holland School. Our subsidiary label, mønaerk, has expanded on this concept during the tournament.

In the story, we follow Ronald Koeman in his office at the Holland School. There, he ultimately assembles his team. Before he does this, he flips through books with past selections and previous generations. We show that being selected for a tournament means becoming part of a collective of memories, a generation. Finally, he announces the 2024 selection via the intercom while writing the names in a new book.

That evening, the film was featured on several leading programs, such as NOS Sportjournaal, the talk show Jeroen & Sophie, and the talk show Oranje Zomer.


To create the new anthem for the Dutch national football team, the KNVB brought together Chef'Special & Armin van Buuren. They traveled to the team campus in Zeist to develop the song.

We ensured all content of the entire creative process. We documented every moment, from brainstorming sessions to recording takes, capturing the energy and dedication of everyone involved. The result was a series of "making of" episodes on YouTube that gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the anthem came to life.

Each YouTube episode offered unique insights, showing how the musicians worked together, overcame challenges, and blended their styles to create a powerful anthem that resonates with the spirit of Dutch football. We also developed teaser clips and engaging posts for Instagram, building excitement and anticipation among fans leading up to the anthem's release.

Through our coordinated efforts, we successfully highlighted the collaborative effort behind the anthem and provided fans with an inside look at the creative process, strengthening their connection to the team and the music that represents them.

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