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The "Every Poppy Counts" campaign addresses the challenge of conveying the significance of remembrance and the sacrifices made by army personnel to the new generation. By avoiding graphic war imagery, the campaign aims to resonate with the younger audience and dispel misconceptions. Leveraging the influence of football teams, the campaign aims to bridge the gap between the armed forces community and the public. The key insights include the need to effectively transfer the message of remembrance to diverse audiences and counter the perception of supporting war politics. Success lies in engaging the younger generation and conveying the Poppy and Poppy Appeal's meaning globally.


The story focuses on passing on the story of the veterans. Passing on the story of the poppy. Showing what it stands for and how important it is that we continue to commemorate, continue to remember, and continue to pass it on. The story is accompanied by a voice-over but will primarily be visually told. The video centers around the poppy, and we see in a creative way how the poppy is 'passed on.' 

The video begins with a veteran. He is holding the poppy box and walks in to the stadium. poppy's starts growing out of the ground  We cut to the next scene, where an ambassador is clearly spreading the story. Multiple poppies are growing around him.

Once again, we return to the stadium, and we see more and more poppies growing on the field. We continue with different scenes, featuring multiple ambassadors who continue to spread the story of the poppies, emphasizing the importance of remembrance. In the various scenes, we also include real-life footage to showcase what the organization does for the veterans.

The number of poppies growing in different places keeps increasing. Eventually, the entire football stadium is filled with poppies. It becomes a place where the story is told and needs to be continually shared. From there, people must pass it on, so that eventually the poppies continue to "grow" throughout England. A voice-over will guide the viewer trough the story of the Poppy campaign.


The video is posted by and a lot of partnerclubs such as Brighton & Hove Albion, Tottenham Hotspur, QPR, Millwall and Stoke City with 280.000+ impressions and 2.142 interactions such as comments or reposts. This campaign had an organic value of €34.789,-. 


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